Spirit X: Spirituality for the 21st Century

We live in an incredible time of human history. Everything can be used for spiritual growth, when we use it mindfully and skillfully. Jump in!

Spirit Accelerated 

Accelerate your spiritual growth. The world needs you now!

Spirit Acknowledged

Acknowledge spirit in yourself and spirit in the world.

Spirit Embodied

Embody spirit. Be and express your spiritual frequency.

Anandamali is the inspiration behind Spirit X. He helps spiritual practitioners navigate the contemporary spiritual scene, integrate their spiritual practice into all aspects of their lives, and transform the world. On a deeper level he helps spiritual practitioners recognize and live life as the True Self.

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Group: 21st Century Spiritual Practitioners

Forthcoming Book: 

Spirit X: Spirituality for the Global and Digital Age, Basic Principles


Published by Bright Alliance

Anandamali is working intensely on his first book.  Spirit X is spirituality for the 21st Century and beyond and it blends genuine spirituality, global culture and technology.



Part 1: The Self

Part 2: The World

Part 3: The Book of Ways

Part 4: The Book of Codes

Private Work With Anandamali

Anandamali is usually active in organizing and offering events.  While working on his book, his only offerings are private one-on-one sessions in person or via Zoom. 

Here are some things you can accomplish through private sessions with Anandamali.

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Address certain problems from a Spiritual perspective:  

Depression, anxiety, life overwhelm, lack of motivation

Get help in certain areas of your life 

Work, family, relationships...

Get empowered on a Spiritual path and in life in general


Create your own spiritual practice  


Design your spiritual life 

Resolve the yearning for spiritual awakening 

To schedule a session with Anandamli,

email him at or call or text at 785-214-2033

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Group: 21st Century Spiritual Practitioners

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