Anandamali teaches both online and in person.  He offers satsung, workshops, retreats, online programs and meetings and private sessions.  

In his satsung, Anandamali points to the peace, love, bliss, wisdom and freedom that you already are.  Anandamali's satsung starts with guided meditations, followed by a talk, Q & A and group inquiry.

Anandamali's workshops are centered around a specific theme and contain a contemplative/meditative segment, subtle movement, and relational exercises.

Retreats with Anandamali are an opportunity to dive deeper, align with your purpose, rediscover your true self, and connect with other sand the world.  Practices include silence, meditation, communing with nature and utilizing culture and technology for our individual and collective spiritual growth.

In one-on-one private sessions, Anandamali helps both students and clients heal, bring a spiritual perspective into their lives and awaken. 

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Group: 21st Century Spiritual Practitioners