“In spite of all the challenges we are facing as a species, we live in an incredible time for spirituality. So many teachings and practices across spiritual traditions are available to us, and so many things within our modern world can be used for spiritual growth and Awakening. We just need to use them mindfully and skillfully."

~ Nikola Anandamali Ristic 



Jump in!  Spirit X  is here to support  you.

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Nikola Ristic is an author, philosopher and spiritual teacher. Born in Belgrade, Serbia, he taught philosophy for more than a decade at the University of South Carolina, Ottawa University and University of California - Santa Cruz.


With the help of his root teacher, Mokshananda, Nikola underwent a profound transformation, after which he has focused fully on spiritual teaching.


Spirit X  is Nikola's latest integral and holistic teaching for our global age, as well as a call and a vision for more Unity, Peace and Liberation in our challenging, yet inspiring times.

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Spirit X : Spirituality for the 21st Century

Genuine spirituality is no longer an individual choice,

but a personal, cultural, evolutionary and spiritual necessity. 

May Spirit X contribute to the happiness and Awakening of All.

  • develop a carefully and richly designed spiritual practice

  • integrate genuine spirituality into all areas of your life

  • meaningfully and skillfully navigate the manifest world

  • use the Ways of Liberation to rediscover your True Self

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Private Sessions

  • Address personal problems from a Spiritual perspective:  

       Depression, anxiety, life overwhelm, lack of motivation

  • Get help in certain areas of your life:  

       Work, family, relationships

  • Get empowered on a Spiritual path and in life in general

  • Create your own spiritual practice  

  • Resolve the yearning for spiritual awakening 

Nikola offers both spiritual counseling and spiritual mentoring in his office in Santa Cruz, CA and via Zoom.


Mindfulness for Middle School Students

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Anandamali offers classes and workshops to help middle school students experience mindfulness through lectures, practices and games.


Activities include conscious breathing, calming techniques, mindful reflection, mindful eating, cultivating peace, joy, kindness, gratitude and more.

1-, 2- and 5-minute modules are also available for teachers interested in integrating mindfulness into their own middle school lesson plans.

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