Online Program

Join Anandamali and his team for an 8 week/module online program Discover and Express Your True Self. The program is designed for people interested in living a spiritual life while engaged with the world (work, family, relationships, living your purpose, transforming the world, etc.) 

The program contains automated and interactive segments.  Each week/module contains videos, audios (guided meditations) and writings.  In addition, there are weekly Zoom calls with Anandamali and his team.

In this program you will

  • Transcend and include your ego

  • Align with your purpose

  • Connect with your soul

  • Rediscover your true self

  • learn how to connect with others and the world from a deeper perspective

  • Transform the world from a deeper perspective

Weekly/Module Overview

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Week 1:  Creating the Conditions For Spiritual Practice and Growth

Week 2:  Spirituality in Modern and Contemporary Times 

Week 3: Transcending Ego 


Week 4: Getting in Touch with your Soul 


Week 5: Aligning with Your Purpose

Week 6: Realizing Your True Self 

Week 7: Service - Expressing Your True and Full Self 

Week 8: Being Fully Yourself